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tango in Plymouth


We are pleased to inform You that in this Autumn,''Tango para el Alma'' - Argentinian tango school in Plymouth - will start tango lessons for beginners.

The lessons will start after minimum 10 participants will subscribe here:


Argentinian tango lessons & practica -

Every Tuesday - 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Abbey Hall (Lower hall), Catherine Street,

( Behind St Andrews Church - Royal Parade ), Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2AD

You are to few clicks distance to start the tango lessons:


- The Argentinian tango for Beginners series consists of 4-5 lessons, in consecutive weeks

- The tango lessons will start with minimum 10 people (preferable 5 couples but not necesarly) so, please book for a place and register in the form below

Every lesson:

- 7.30pm-8.30pm - very beginners technique and practica;

- 8.30pm - 9.30 pm - intermediate technique and practica

- Fee: £10pp/evening ( £40 pp/5 weeks) - package payment











So did we until we discovered the Argentinian Tango.

To dance the Tango, you don't need that elusive 'natural sense of rhythm' - the second left foot is accepted.
Argentinian Tango is an elegant and stylish improvisation dance - the basic steps can be combined in endless variations.

Warning: Tango it is a passion that will catch on life, once you'll start dancing! :)


The universality of Argentinian tango:

  • You can dance Tango all over the world

  • Tango stimulates creativity

  • It will improve your posture daily - is a therapeutic dance

  • Dancing Tango can change your personality


A beautifull dance floor is looking for the dancers!

         Are you one of them?


Where and when?








How long it will take the courses? How much will cost?












Join the Argentinian tango lessons

    (the booking for a place in the tango lessons already started)

You think you're not the dancing type?

There are no regular tango lessons during this period.
However, I am available for private lessons (£ 30 / h + the cost of the venue)

Please use the contact form to book a private lesson.

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